Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Martinator

Here is a cool watch case to keep your precious. The Martinator Watch Case. The cases retail from about USD 150 to USD 450. The cases are based on the robust and very strong Pelican cases. Martinator have customised the cases to carry 4, 6, 18 or even a whopping 32 watches. 

So what happens if you already have a Pelican case? Well, they do sell the inserts by themselves. But only for the following cases, the 1170, 1470 and the 1495. 

The Martinator.

The 6 watch case.

The 4 watch case. 

The 18 watch case. 

Photographs: Martinator

For more information:

Sadly I use these and they don't have the inserts for them. Otherwise it would make an interesting option.....

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