Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seiko SKX031

I just got this watch back from my friendly neighbourhood watch guy. It went in for a full service and spa treatment. Now it is running full speed ahead.

This watch is interesting because of its history. I got this watch from a good friend who is an aquatic biologist. Interesting that the watch he wears is only rated to 100M and not any deeper. Evidently, from my understanding, the famous Roachman (Wayne World of Watches) had a hand in selecting this watch for my friend. He, my friend, wore this watch during his early days as an aquatic biologist, doing research work on farming and growing fresh water fish in desolated places to feed the hungry. He wanted and needed a watch and he approached Roachman and this was the watch Roachman recommend to my friend. Roachman even took my friend to the shop to buy the watch. How cool is that....

Anyway, how did I get the watch? Well, I always wanted and liked the Rolex milsub, but getting one was out of the question. So the next best thing? Make a homage and the best candidate was the Seiko SKX03X series. But these watches were no longer made and they are hard to come by. So I asked around, and low and behold, my friend told me he had one and since he is not using it, he will pass it to me. Thrilled I was. I was about to order the parts needed to modify the watch when when my friend told me about the history of the watch. After listening to the history, I decided not to do anything to the watch, except to service the watch and maintain it as it is. 

The watch....

Water resistant to only 10 ATM.

The crystal, all scratches and all. Well used and loved. 

New gaskets all around, including the bezel. 

Interesting serial number, no?

The screw-down crown. 

The bezel. Easy to use and rotates both ways. 

 The SKX031. 


  1. Hi there,

    Watch looks great. I have one and have been looking for an aftermarket strap and really like the look of the one you have fitted. Can I ask what it is and if you have any further pictures being slightly more zoomed out to show the whole strap?

    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Unknown,

      It is just a normal rubber strap. Sadly I don't have the rubber strap anymore.