Friday, July 12, 2013

Micro scratches....

Decided to wear my Ennebi today. First thing I noticed was there were lots of micro scratches on the crystal. This is due to the fact that crystal is acrylic crystal. And unlike sapphire crystal, it is prone to scratches. 

It is the end of the day and since we are facing a typhoon (and can't go anywhere), I decided to give the crystal a clean-up to remove the micro scratches. So the process begins....

The watch without its straps. 

Tried as I did, I could not take a picture to show the micro scratches. But trust me, its there. 

The Heroic18 straps. I love these straps, soft yet thick. 

The lug screws.

The tool provided by Ennebi to remove the screws on the bezel. 

The bezel retaining screws. 

This is where the screws go. There are three. 

The bezel and spring plate. The spring plate provides tension between the bezel and the case. 

The watch, ready to be cleaned and crystal polished.

The cheapest thing you can use to polish your crystal, tooth paste. Put some on the crystal (acrylic) and rub in a circular motion. 

After three application, the crystal is just like new. No more micro scratches. 

Another view. 

The bezel installed, ready to receive the straps. 

All done. :)

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