Sunday, July 07, 2013

Yet another strap change...

Yes, yet another strap change. This time, the Panerai PAM 00183. As you guys know, I don't use the original strap that comes with the watch on most (if not all) of my watches. So, time to change the strap on my PAM00183. Normally I tend to use independent strap makers strap, but this time....

The PAM00183 on the original black calf leather strap. 

Closer view of the PAM00183 Black Seal. 

 The new strap. Original from Panerai. 

The strap, also know as the Jules Verne. It is nubuck alligator strap. I do like this strap, being the fact that it is like suede. The difference being the way the leather is finished. 

The inside, lined with brown/ beige leather.

Out with the tool. A screwdriver is all we need. Well, you may want to use some cello-tape to mask off the screw areas to prevent scratches in case the screwdriver slips. 

The strap removed, along the wired lugs. I do not complete unscrew the retaining screw from the case. It is completely up to you if you want to remove or not.

Parts that makes up the wired lugs. The notches at the tip of the lugs is where the screws sits in to prevent the lugs from coming off the watch. Nice touch? The gaskets at the tips. Prevents the lugs from moving with the lug holes. 

The tube in the middle of the lugs holds the wire in place inside the strap. 

How the wired lugs would look like inside the strap. The tube adds some strength to the wired lugs.

The wired lugs in place, ready to be installed. 

This is how I ensure I don't lose the tube and how I fit it inside the strap. Place it on one of the ends of the wire lugs. 

Don't forget to transfer the clasp. :)

And strap change complete. New watch with just a simple strap change. 

Closer view. 

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