Sunday, July 14, 2013

More strap change

After a while wearing my Radiomir with these thick leather straps, I decided that it is time to change the straps on the Radiomir to something more 'appropriate'. Something more 'dressy'. So out with these....

This time the original straps from Panerai. The black calf and the Jules Verne. 

The Radiomir, PAM00183 and PAM00210 with the butch leather straps.

Out with the tool. With Panerai, it is just a screw driver. 

You may want to tape the sides of the watch case to prevent scratches in case the screw driver slips. As for me, I am OK with the battle scars. Anyway, don't think I will be selling my watches anytime soon, and the scratches on the case back are the least of my problems.

I don't remove the screws completely from the hole. Just loosen them so that you can pull out the wire lugs. 

The wire lugs out. Ready for removal. 

The wire lugs removed. Careful not to lose the center 'locking' tube. 

The wire lugs in the Jules Verne strap. 

The reverse process. Remember that the wire lugs go in at an angle. Take your time. 

And just tighten the screws. Do a small tug test to make sure it is secure (do this over something thick and soft). 

This is the wrong way to install the wire lugs. 

This is the right way. The notches should be facing you. The screws sits in the notches and locks the lugs in place. 

The old straps, 26mm. Now what do I do with them? 

The watch, with their new straps. 'New' watch with a simple strap change.

Ready to be worn. 

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