Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Banda Watch Box

This is my Banda watch box. I got this with my Precista PRS-5 (pre-loved), currently one of my favourite watch. I have to say that it is a pretty good watch box. You can use to store your watch or use it a travel pouch. This is not my first Banda product. I have straps from them.

Banda is a company based in Hong Kong and have been in business for about 30 years. They are OEM for a number of watch companies. They stared out making straps and have since added watch boxes and presentation boxes to their product line-up. In 2003, they set-up their European office to serve the European market (Bandenba GmbH, Pforzhiem).

The box measures 82 x 62 x 180 mm. It is not too big nor is it too small. The Banda Travel Case is a two watch travel case. The size is just right for a travel case. I am not sure what is the material used on the outside of the case, but I suspect it is either leather or leatherette. The entire case is black, save the stitching. I had a look at the Banda website and I was not able to find this box on their product offering. I suspect this case could be made to Timefactors/ Precista specifications.

The overall finish of the exterior is good if not great. The white stitching gives the box a touch of class and makes it looks good. The stitching is good and is well spaced. The box feel nice to the touch. The zipper is unsigned. Typically most products coming out of Asia would have the YKK brand of zippers. The zipper is smooth and easy to use. Normally there would be a problem with zippers around the corners of the box, but in this case it is not evident.

The top and bottom of the box is padded. This gives an extra bit of protection to the watch inside. The design and execution of the case is well thought out. Precista has done their homework.

The inside is suede lined. It is rendered in beige. There is a 'tongue' that divides (and protects) the watches. It is padded. The watches are placed in opposing slots inside the box. This prevents the watch head from hitting each other.

The watches are held in the slots by means of an elastic band. The band is also rendered in beige (slightly darker). It does a good job of holding the watch in-place. The slots or cut-out can accommodate watch head up to 55 mm (crown included). The watch is stored folded and the maximum strap length, with watch head, is 142 mm. I believe that covers about 80 to 90% of the watches currently available which can be 'folded' as such.

The travel case with 42 mm watches, or 48 mm with crown.

In conclusion, I like this watch case and may consider getting another had I not have the IWC travel pouch and the fact that it is not available on the Banda product list. They do have another travel case that opens vertically as opposed to this one that opens horizontally. It is well made and there is a feel of quality to it. Kudos to Timefactors/ Precista and Banda for this travel case.

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