Thursday, November 26, 2009

Battery change Guess Steel watch

Another one of my watch needs a battery change. This is my Guess Steel men watch. I got this as a birthday present a long time ago. I believe this is the first battery change. Anyway on with it. First remove the case back.

I skip a few steps, like the removal of the battery retainer and the battery itself. This is the movement with the battery removed.

The movement is a Japanese movement. The movement is made by S. Epson or Seiko Epson. The movement is the VX42E movement. It is a 3 hands, no jewels, 11 1/2 ligne quartz movement. It has a calendar complication. The number 3 near the battery compartment indicates the battery life.

As can be seen from the photograph above, the gasket/ o-ring is dry. Do not forget to lubricate the gasket.

The movement holder cum battery retainer. The tab holds the battery in place.

The new battery. It is interesting that the battery used is a Swiss made Renata battery. I would expect that since the movement is Japanese, the original battery would be Japanese. The battery is the 371 battery.

The battery fitted into the movement. Check that the second hand moves before reassembly begins.

Reinstall the movement holder cum battery retainer. Note that the tab holds the battery in place.

Install the lubricated gasket. Make sure it sits in the groove. We do not want to crush the gasket.

Make sure everything is OK, a quick blow with the blower to remove any dust or lint and close the case back. We are all done.

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