Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Morellato Cordura Lorica strap

I have had this strap from Morellato for about 2 years now. I hardly use the strap, maybe 20 times over the 2 years. However over the weekend, it was tested to its limits (to me anyway). First a bit about Morellato. The company was founded in 1930. It is the oldest company in Europe in the watch-strap sector. The straps are made in Italy. Their straps are available in over 60 countries worldwide. Morellato is also an OEM for a number of watch company. Their leather is sourced from controlled stock-farming and the hides are tanned naturally.

Anyway the strap that I have is the Morellato Cordura Lorica 24 mm strap. The part number I believe is MT-KBU2779-110. The upper material is made from Cordura textile. Cordura is a durable synthetic fabric. The lining is made from Lorica. The strap is water repellent and is quick drying. It is also anti-allergic.

The strap measures 75 mm on the buckle side and 120 mm on the other side. The strap is 24 mm and tapers down to 20 mm at the buckle. It tapers down to 19 mm on the other end. The tip is pointed. The strap comes with 2 strap keepers. The strap is 3 mm thick and the thickness is 3 mm throughout.

The strap is well made and it shows. The stitching (black) is even and good. The edges of the strap is well formed and the Cordura goes underneath the Lorica lining. The Lorica lining is textured like leather and the strap is well padded. The strap is very comfortable when worn. The strap is signed 'MORELLATO, Italy' on one side and 'Cordura Lorica' on the buckle side. The strap width (24 mm) is also on the buckle side.

Like I said earlier, the strap was put through it paces over the weekend. It went for a swim in the swimming pool followed by a soak in a hot spa. It spent about 40 minutes underwater in the swimming pool to a depth of 120 cm. The water temperature was about 28 degrees centigrade or 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It then went into the spa where the water was 38 degrees Centigrade or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It was taken out and was allowed to dry for about 10 minutes in 18 degree centigrade (64 degree Fahrenheit) wind. This was followed by a 5 minute dip into running water at 28 degrees Centigrade.

It was then washed (in the bath) and allowed to dry in room where the temperature was 20 degrees Centigrade (68 degrees Fahrenheit). It was exposed to rain and cold winds for about 1 hour and was finally allowed to rest. The result? Well look at the photographs and it still looks like new. I am indeed impressed by the strap. I would not hesitate to get another.

Note: I swap the original buckle that came with this strap as I did not like the buckle. The buckle is made of nickel free stainless steel (polished)and it is sign with the Morellato logo. The strap is currently fitted with a buckle from Seiko. Hence the review did not include the buckle.


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