Friday, November 13, 2009

fragment Rolex watches

It seems of late, the fragment Design Company led by Hiroshi Fujiwara has come out with a number of limited edition Rolex watches. The first was the Fragment Perpetual Air King. This watch is for the staff of Fragment.

The next watch is the Fragment Submariner. This watch is for the 10th. Anniversary of SOPH. Evidently there will only be 10 units of this watch. The watch is PVD (?) Black with the fragment legend in red and its white lighting logo on the dial. The case back will have the SOPH 10th. Anniversary engraving. The index marker on the bezel at the 12 o'clock position will be rendered in red as is the red ball on the sweep second hand.

The next watch is fragment and Bramford Watch Department Rolex Explorer I. Again the watch is rendered in black. The entire watch is black, including the hour and minute hands. Even the hour markers are rendered in black. Only the fragment legend and the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock markers are rendered in blue. The sweep second hand is also rendered in blue. No further details are available.

Photographs: Riley (watchshock)


  1. Are these watches comes in single color only? I noticed that their bracelet is black.

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  2. Hi JeonAddict,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes these watches are only available in black.

    Best regards,