Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project/ Homage watch update 1

I am a happy person today. I was pretty anxious for the past few days. Why? Well I have been looking for these parts for some time now. Finally about a week ago, I was lucky to be able to purchase a NOS, sealed dial for a watch that I like and wanted. It finally arrived today. I am indeed a happy person.

Part 1 and 2 of 4 is with me. They are the dial and the hands. I have ordered the case, but I have received news that it is currently out of stock, but on order. I should know in about 2 weeks time. Once the case is with me, the next step can commence, and that is to look for the movement. Well a step at a time.

The hands.

The 'balance' of the sweep second hand is a bit bent but I am sure that it can be straighten out.

The dial.


  1. Nice. I'm looking forward to more updates. It's great to see all the little parts on these watches.

  2. Hi Riley,

    I hope everything will come together. Just got news that the case is on its way to me. Once the case is in, the the hunt for the movement starts.

    Best regards,