Saturday, November 14, 2009

TW Steel CEO Tonneau

The TW Steel Company has launched a new watch series under its CEO collection. The 5 watch model CEO Tonneau is a new addition to the collection. Under this new series there will be 5 watches, CE2001 to CE2005. The difference between the watches are the case material and type of strap used. The CE2005 will have and exclusive steel bracelet and folded clasp, while the rest will be fitted with either brown or black Italian leather strap. There is also the option of having the watch fitted with a black silicon rubber band.

The watch measures 52 x 44 mm and is rated to 3 ATM water resistant. It features a chronograph movement capable of measuring time to 1/20th. of a second. The watch will also feature a reinforced mineral crystal.



CE2003 (CE2004 is the same watch with black dial).


Photographs: TW Steel

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