Friday, November 27, 2009

Swatch Tweezers Needed

It has been sometime since I did a review. So lets do a big one. This is the Swatch Tweezers Needed Maxi wall clock. This clock is from Swatch 1999 Fall Winter Collection. From my understanding, the Swatch Maxi first came out in 1985 and the last piece came out in 2007. The Maxi are actually based on the normal size Swatch watches.

The model number for this clock is MGG184. The clock is big, it measures about 7 feet tip to tip. The dial itself is about 1 foot across. It looks just like the normal size watch. It has straps and even a strap keeper. The straps on the clock can be removed and it is an easy process. Before I forget, this is not my clock.

The clock is powered by a Swiss/ German made quartz movement. I am not too sure if the movement is Swiss made and the clock is German made or the movement is German made and the clock is Swiss made. According to my research, the movement is suppose to be Swiss made, however based on the photograph below, it is clearly made in Germany.

The movement is powered by a single 'C' size or LR14 battery. The movement number I believe is 01248. There is only one adjustment available and that is for the time adjustment.

As earlier stated, the straps can be removed. It is as simple as pushing out the rods. The construction of the strap is the same as their watches.

The strap is made of plastic and is decorated on the front. The printing is very good as can be seen in the photographs. This clock is already 10 years old and it does not show any signs of fading. The keeper is made of a rubber like material.

The decorations on the strap and dial shows why the name of the clock is Tweezers Needed. It is to remove the thorns of the cactus from the person's bottom.

The back of the strap is white with no decorations. The illusion is complete with holes for the buckle.

The watch can be hung by the buckle or just with the clock head (straps removed). This clock was hung by its buckle. There are holes near the buckle to loop the string to hang the clock.

The buckle, just like the rest of the watch is an exact copy of the watch, right down to the tang which can move.

The clock itself is big, about 1 foot across. The dial is decorated with a man who is jumping up in pain because there are the cactus thorns in his bottom. The hours are marked with Arabic numerals, except for 7 and 8 o'clock. There are no markers as the painting covers this location. The hour and minute hands are design like cactus and the sweep second hands is also rendered in green (lighter green).

It comes complete with a non working crown.

The markings on the case back completes the watch. It has the ETA logo and the numbers 507.101. This may indicate the actual movement fitted to the watch version. I cannot verify this as I do not have the watch to confirm this. On the other hand, it may just be the number of the quartz clock movement used on the clock.

I like this clock. The finish of the clock is pretty good as can be seen from the photographs. I know that the clocks are still available. I might just get one for myself.


  1. Possibly to purchase them? ... =)

  2. Hi Marrisan,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes, it is possible to buy these wall clocks. Just do a search on the Internet.

    All the best in your hunt.

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