Sunday, November 01, 2009

Watch Shopping in Malaysia Part 1

Well this is my 3 part report on watch shopping in Malaysia. we shall start with watch shopping in Seremban. Seremban is the capital of Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan is one of the 14 states that makes up Malaysia. Seremban is situated about 56 km from the capital of Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur (to be covered in part 2 and 3).

Seremban is a small idyllic town. The pace is slow and relax. As I am a mall rat, I shall only cover what is available in the malls. The newest and largest mall in Seremban is Jusco Seremban. Jusco is a Japanese chain of general merchandise store. They form the anchor tenant to the mall.

The first I came across in the mall is Polywatch. They are located on the first floor of the mall (second floor for some). They carry the following brands of watches; Oris, ODM, Tissot, ck, Guess, Elle, Roscani, Timex, Bonia, Swatch, Casio and some other house brands. They also provide basic watch servicing like changing batteries, and resizing bracelets.

The only other watch shop in the mall is City Chain. This is the same City chain from Hong Kong. The shop is small but they do carry the basic selection from the vast brands they carry. The shop carries Seiko, Cyma, Titus, Casio, Guess and Nautica. There are other house brands as well. They too provide basic watch serving.

I figure there are other watch shops in town (the mall is about 5 km from town). However I suspect the selection would not be far from the above mentioned brands. Why? Well the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is only 30 minutes away and there we can find all the brands.

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