Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Project/ homage watch update 3

I finally got the movement. The donor movement comes from the 'same' series of watch as the project watch. You can see the movement below. Sadly from the serial number, the movement is from 1962 (19xxxxxx). The project watch was first issued in 1957, however the model I am working on was first issued around 1964/65. So the movement does not match the watch. It is OK for me as this is my project/ homage watch to the original. The rest of the parts are all original from the manufacturer but they are not from the 1960s. The case is new from the manufacturer with the new case back font, but still with the flat top A. The dial and hands are also the new luminova hands and dial.

According to the seller, the movement was sent for servicing about a year ago. I will still be sending the movement for a servicing and to replace whatever parts that are worn. The watch will be sent as is to the authorised service center. I will also have to order a longer winding stem as this movement is fitted to a watch with a diameter of 34 mm. Once all these is done, the assembly can begin.

The movement, serial number has been removed.

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